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Cars and motorbikes were always on a boys mind growing up in the 60’s/70‘s.
In Switzerland in the 70's with the age of 14 you were only allowed to ride a 50ccm motorbike on the streets . Of course you shared a bigger scrambler (250ccm) with your friends but only for the ride on local farm fields.

With my 50ccm bike (a Sachs 502) I made already trips as far as Paris France and I had the tank painted like the Captain America bike I have seen in the movie Easy Rider.
Obviously I tuned the bike by myself to make it faster, although it was not  quite legal anymore.
Turning finally 18 you were obliged to ride for two years a 125ccm bike in order to be able to get a full bike license.
Harley Davidson, still owned by AMF at that time, had a factory in Italy producing scrambler bikes with engines from 125ccm up to 350ccm. Having an understandable father, he had a motorcycle when he was my age and he was a motorcycle rider during his military service, I could convince him to buy me a 125ccm Harley Davidson Cagiva for my birthday.

My one and only means of transportation at that time.


In 1981 I toured with this bike for two months all over the country at that time known as Yugoslavia.
But just short before I entered the military service at the age of 20, I lost that bike during an accident with a car. This left me with not owing a bike for a long time.

I made the license for big bikes in the military service and had thereafter the opportunity from time to time to ride a big motorbike owned by friends or family members. But whenever I heard or saw a Harley I had the dream that one day I will ride my own Harley again.
Due to the fact that I lived for many years in several countries because of my job, there was never an appropriate time to own a bike.
With the age of 40, living in Spain from 2000 until 2004 just a few meters away from a Harley Dealer,
it happened finally. My wife 'forced' me in 2001 to buy my dream-bike, at that time a Softail Deuce.
My luck she was finally so tired to go to every Harley shop we came along in the past years.

Since then I toured almost the whole Europe with that marvelous bike.
The Deuce has now in 2020 over 232 thousand kilometers on the clock and is still going strong.

Cu on the road!


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